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Monday, January 02, 2006

A Major Fulcrum Tipping the Wrong Way

Stumbled across this today in the course of my surfing.

Trends are important things. The lines on the graphs can give you some hint of what to expect in the future. These particular trend lines are pointing . . . rather strongly . . . in an unpleasant direction.

You can easily understand this by comparing the short-term thinking of the modern "progressive" movement to the long-term thinking of the islamist fundamentalists. A society that only thinks as far ahead as the next election cycle is unlikely to triumph against a society that thinks in terms of centuries.

Of course, that may be ascribing too much thought to both sides of this issue. It's more like the Europeans (and to a lesser degree a nontrivial segment of our own populace) are consumed with the right now while the islamists, conditioned to deferred gratification by decades of repression, are "waiting us out" as a default position.

Since I myself am pretty much at the mid-point of my life expectancy, it's likely that I'll be around to see these trend lines play out in the real world. Should be interesting in a "well, there goes western democracy" sort of way.


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