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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Decision 05

Yeah, I know. Every news outlet in America uses that corny "Decision XX" headline at election time. So I did an homage, leave me alone.

This was my first year voting in Virginia after twenty years of living in Maryland. We went to the polls around 0730. Not terribly crowded. We waited in line for maybe ten minutes. Virginia is using an electronic device to vote now . . . you turn a little wheel to highlight your choice and push "enter". Fairly straightforward.

So the Democratic candidate for governor won. Not suprising, as he was the lieutenant governor under the last guy. Virginia simply replaced one Democrat with another. But, strangely, they also seem to have elected Republicans to the lieutenant governor and attorney general positions. What to make of that?

The campaign veered into the disgustingly negative, as these campaigns seem to do so often these days.

In another gubernatorial race, this time in New Jersey, U.S. Senator Jon Corzine defeated Douglas Forrester to put another win in the Democrats' column. But that was another case of one Dem replacing another, so no net gain. Jersey was also a rather odd story anyway, in that the previously elected governor, James McGreevey, resigned after confessing to a gay love affair.

Meanwhile, Republican Michael Bloomberg easily won re-election as New York City's mayor. And a number of initiatives proposed by California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger were soundly defeated, which tells me that the people out there are not yet ready to take their state's very real problems seriously.

The weirdest story of the day was the city of San Francisco voting in a ban on handguns. Yeah, don't let that pesky Second Amendment bother you at all . . . The NRA immediately sued to overturn the ban. Usually it's the Left that sues to get in the court what it can't at the ballot box. This time, however, there's an actual Constitutional right being trod upon, so the NRA has the right idea.

We must also stop and take a moment to think of the victims of the latest terrorist outrage, a series of suicide bombs in Amman, Jordan which have killed at least 23 people and injured well over a hundred more.

Some day, gentle reader, the human race will outgrow this sad habit of murdering one another. Today, it seems, is not that day.


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