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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Once More Unto the Breach

So the Iraqis have voted again despite all the protestations and doomsaying of the chattering classes here in the States. First blush looks like very little insurgent violence and very high turnout - even among the "they'll never go for it" Sunnis. Of course, the Sunnis seem to be mostly voting against the new Constitution, but that is after all the point of the process . . . for the Iraqis to decide for themselves what they want to do.

Democracy is in the air.

I'm sure the Left is already planning how they're going to convince us all that another free Iraqi election is somehow a dismal failure, and how Evil George has hoodwinked the American public and that this triumph of policy is in fact a total disaster . . . but right now, let's just savor the spice of a people freed from a despot's clutches taking the opportunity to make their voices heard.

Iraq may very well go up in flames yet. It might all turn to ashes on us. One never knows. But it looks promising at this point.


Anonymous Soma said...


12:29 PM  
Anonymous Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

Democracy may have restored, but Iraq is still in peril. The recent acts of violence has left a lot of lives scattered in the streets. Unless order is restored, then expect Iraq to be worse.

4:03 AM  

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