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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Once Around the Block, James

Mercy sakes. I've been discovered. The secret is out. Sappers at the wire, sappers at the wire!!


An interesting op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today. Seems my earlier post about Iraq and VietNam was in tune with the thoughts of others. Interesting. Here's the summation, which I find agreeable -

Today, you do not have to be a Bush partisan to understand that the current war is about more than Iraq itself. It is also, and indeed above all, about the future of the Middle East, about the kind of change we recently have seen glimmers of in Lebanon and Libya and possibly even Palestine, the kind of change we hope to see more of in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and eventually in Syria and Iran. Whatever the hopes for larger transformative events across the region, they clearly depend on America. At the very least, we need to buy time. Alternatively, to lose heart and retreat--after less than two years and with fewer than 2,000 casualties--almost surely means losing not just the battle but also the war, a far worse outcome than those who cite Vietnam similarities can seem to comprehend.


A complete aside, not related to anything - I happened to fly out to San Diego last week on business. Is it just me, or are the airlines purely incapable of putting a comfortable seat in tourist class? I mean, I can drive for several hours before I start to get uncomfortable, but put me in one of those dinky little (the whole world is not five-foot-seven, ya know) airline seats and within minutes I'm in pain. Can't we just get an automobile bucket seat in there? Please?


Bob Denver has died. A sad day for Skippers and Little Buddies everywhere.

That is all.


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