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Friday, June 17, 2005

Tipping Over

I have an uneasy feeling.

There is an increasingly loud chorus for pulling our forces out of Iraq on some arbitrary deadline. This, of course, would be the worst possible course of action we could take. It would tell the insurgents that all they had to do was wait until the day after we leave, and then they can go nuts. Iraq collapses into total anarchy and becomes Afghanistan II, a haven for every nutjob jihadist on earth.

You can see it coming. From Senator Durbin's assinine statement to the bleating of the chattering classes, who are always ready to be horrified at the idea of America defending herself, the momentum for the cut-and-run is gathering. The spectre of VietNam is rising, and not the way the usual suspects would like. No, it's the stench of retreat and failure that is coming from the rotting corpse of the war in 'Nam. There's a large and growing segment of our population that wants to leave Iraq the same way we left South VietNam - unprepared for the horrors soon to be visited upon it.

Which will also be a huge propaganda victory for the jihadists and no doubt encourage them to attack us again. After all, if we run away when things get tough, we must be that paper tiger the Chinese used to talk about, right?

Fear for the future, gentle reader.


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