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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well. Well. Well.

Chemical weapons found in Iraq.

Not a lot, and not exactly in mint condition, but there they are. And of course, where there's some . . . there are quite likely more.

I wonder how this will be spun by the reality-impaired?

Long time readers of Fulcrum Ruminations will note that the left-leaning blog I had linked under the title Jurassic Pork has been replaced by the left-leaning blog firedoglake. It seems JP decided to get out of the blog business and deleted his entire site. Not just quit blogging, but actually delete the whole thing. One wonders what crisis of conscience has befallen JP, who was a reliable indicator of the more extreme fringe of the left side of the blogosphere.

I have chosen firedoglake to replace him pretty much at random. I am aware that JP had some sort of history with fdl, and that there was no love lost between them, but this did not enter into my decision. I am more concerned with putting up a link to a blog that is fairly well known, which JP's was not. We here in the center must keep a wary eye on both fringes in order to remain fully informed, and firedoglake seems to me to be a good barometer of the left side, much as is DailyKos and, to a lesser extent, the Generik Brand.


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