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Monday, March 27, 2006

Big Wheel Keep on Turnin'

The Director of National Security, John Negroponte, has ordered the release to the public of tons of documents from Iraq. Much of this haul has not even been translated yet. But already some interesting tidbits are surfacing.

For instance, this piece in the Weekly Standard points out that there seems to be documentation supporting the existance of a link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. Saddam and Osama. Hmmm . . . if this proves to be true, that nicely deflates one of the Left's talking points about the Iraq war. They've been harping on "no connection between Iraq and the terrorists" for some time despite the easily proven existance of such a link, namely the program Saddam had to pay benefits to the families of suicide bombers. Altho this was not a direct link to Al-Qaeda, it was pretty conclusive proof of support to terrorists.

Given the generally untrustworthy nature of a lot of information coming from Iraq, I wouldn't go betting the farm on this just yet. But like I said, there are thousands and thousands of documents in this cache of captured material. Who knows what might be hiding in there?

There were demonstrations today by people opposed to tougher illegal immigration measures in the US. I don't get it.

One of the defining attributes of a nation-state is its ability to control its own borders. Illegal immigrants are by definition breaking the law. There is a legal means of entering the US and becoming a citizen (tho it is creaky and grossly inefficient). And yet we're seeing large and growing demonstrations against any effort to stem the tide of illegals coming into the country.

Why? These people put a huge burden on our economy, sucking up welfare-state benefits while pumping money back home to support those they left behind. Some have even tried to cast any tightening of immigration restrictions as racist. This boggles my mind. They're here illegally. ILLEGALLY. This is about as cut and dried as issues get.

Last November, we here in Virginia elected Democrat Timothy Kaine as our governor. Perhaps not suprisingly, given that he is a Democrat, our new governor is now pushing for something Democrats love: higher taxes. All to alleviate our horrible traffic congestion problems, of course. Nevermind the record budget surplus we have right now. Taxes are too low and the burden must be increased. PAY, DAMN YOU!! PAY!!

*Sigh* So predictable . . .

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman, a Muslim, faced death because he converted to Christianity. I find it interesting that blogger Jurassic Pork, who was so concerned about the fate of Jill Carroll, a hostage seized by Iraqi insurgents, had absolutely nothing to say about Rahman's case.

I guess only certain people are worthy of concern.


Blogger jurassicpork said...

Gee, Lanz, maybe if you'd allowed comments to be posted (a proud right wingnut tradition), perhaps I can explain it here on your turf.

Until yesterday, Jill Carroll was in the hands of murderous insurgents. Rahman was released before I could write anything about him. I can't cover everything and everyone.

I don't recall you making a big deal about Jill's kidnapping.

Btw, thanks for putting me in such illustrious left fringe company.

11:03 PM  

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