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Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

So it seems the retrograde barbarians of the Religion of Peace are at it again. This time they've threatened violence against the creators of the television show South Park, who have dared to depict the Prophet Mohammed in animated form. Except it was a guy in a bear suit which was claimed to be Mohammed. And was then later revealed to be Santa Claus. And it's a freakin' cartoon anyway!!

Enough is enough, gentle reader. On 20 May of this year, let's ALL draw the Prophet Mohammed. It's time to drag the Islamist nut-cases kicking and screaming out of the twelfth century and into the present day. Draw a picture of the Prophet and post it to your blog on that day. It doesn't have to be insulting or degrading or disrespectful (tho it can be if you want it to be - that's kinda the point). Hell, it doesn't even have to look like a person. It just needs to be labelled as Mohammed. We'll renew our commitment to freedom of speech and show that we're not going to be intimidated by a sad collection of backwards madmen.

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