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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

End of an Interval

Yep, another long interval between posts. Y'know, I really intended to do more writing on this blog when I started it. That doggone "real life" stuff always gets in the way.

Item: William F. Buckley Jr. has died. Buckley was a towering presence on the Conservative side of American politics. Altho I did not always agree with his positions, I found his writing to be of a superb calibre and he was often very amusing. His passing leaves a huge void among the voices of the Right.

Item: in keeping with my previously announced new feature, I'm now predicting that Barak Obama will be the next President. I think the Democratic convention is going to be an ugly battle between the Clinton and Obama camps, but in the end Obama's momentum from the primaries will carry him. Since John McCain seems to be a dead lock for the Republicans now (barring some revelation with more substance than the muckraking New York TImes was able to muster), I think Obama's youth, ability to inspire, promises of "change" (best not analyzed too closely, since he's really just a run-of-the-mill Democrat) and the historical weight of being the first serious black candidate for President will give him the edge come November.

Item: My online buddy Generik has somehow injured himself. Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Item: Ralph Nader is jumping in again. There is much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth going on over Nader's announcement, altho I personally find it hard to believe that anyone but the most hard core of the reality-impaired will throw any votes his way this time. Memories of the 2000 campaign and Nader's spoiler role are too fresh. I doubt that those on the Left want to take the chance of throwing the election to the Republicans just to make a point this time.

As always, I've been wanting to comment on a lot of the stuff going on in the world, and as always, finding the time to do it is difficult. Ah well.

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