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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Launch Point

So I've been avoiding the blog world, figuring that I was already wasting enough time online. Plus, I have a bloggish thread at Wordforge in the Blue Room forum. Why make a redundant blog?

The Blue Room thread is biographical. I post about stuff that's happening to me. I want this one to be more about my observations of the world.

It's thanks to my online friend Generik that I do this. I've been reading his blog, and the one he originally started on, for some time. I've been profoundly disturbed by what I've seen there.

See, he's a "liberal." Lives out in San Francisco, espouses "liberal" views, seems immune to moderation. More than a little scary. Here, read for yourself. The Generik Brand

Me, I'm "conservative" with a strong libertarian bent. I didn't vote for Bush, tho, since he's shown himself to be no real conservative.

Aside - that's why I put "liberal" and "conservative" in quote marks . . . both terms have been bled of meaning by mis-use. I probably won't use them much in the course of things. Be that as it may.

Anyway. My experience with the blog world (or blogosphere, if you prefer) is limited. This is my entry to it. You, dear reader, if you're there at all, will have to exercise patience as I Figure This Shit Out. So to get back to the point, Gen's blog troubles me just for the sheer vitriol of it. The anger and hate going on there are frightening. And it's made worse by his apparent inability to see that aspect of his own musings. Makes me wonder how wacky other blogs might be,

Hence, the balance point. The center which must hold. The fulcrum over which the fringes sway.

Not too grandiose, eh? ^_^

I'll explore the middle here. Find the Truth of things, with any luck, or at least an approximation. As we all should know, the truth is a three-edged sword . . . your truth, my truth, and the real truth, which lies somewhere in between. At the fulcrum.


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